Presenting Polar Pook

On Thursday 20 March I gave a presentation to staff at City Hall on my decision to train for the Pole of Inaccessibility with the Ice Warrior Project.

Talking water, snow and cooking

I’ve never been one for presenting, especially in front of people I know but I have received some great feedback on my presentation and more importantly I got a few laughs… in a good way.

I took staff through the how and why I signed up for ‘quest’, basic training and the intricacies of the expedition – polar bear watch, nutrition, keeping warm, training and kit.

My top facts went down well:

  • In the run up to February 2015 I will be eating 6 times per day
  • On the expedition I’ll be pulling 60kg behind me every day
  • I will have to take my turn doing bear watch every night for 2 hours
  • 40kpm is the speed of a polar bear
  • My sleeping bag goes down to -40’
  • Each leg of the expedition is 200 miles
  • I will need to consume 6000 calories per day on the expedition
  • On average I will cover 10 miles per day ski-walking

If you want to take a look at my presentation, you can do so here. I’ve even added some notes so you can understand what the images are representing.


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