This weekend I was consumed by training …. And tyres.

Friday night I did my tyre drills at Stave Hill. Pulling Beast 1 and Beast 2 along was tough work; sprinting with two tyres attached, pulling me backwards was nearly causing me to grunt. I am ok at the short distance using explosive energy, but sprinting with two tyres attached over a long distance was hurting … a lot! Sprints were followed by drags, tricep dips, back raises, press ups and ice skaters. After 1 hour and 20 minutes I dragged the tyres home.

Saturday morning I pulled my trusty tyres 1.7 miles in 40 minutes with Steph of Bootcamp SE16. “Lisa, you are doing a 25 minutes mile” sent shivers through me. Usually, when running I’m doing between 7 and 8 minute miles. I did realise that I need to start pulling the tyres to work … I just need to find a suitable storage location, as I’m pretty sure facilities would ban me from the building if I pulled two tyres across their nice clean floor every day.

Saturday afternoon, I did kettle bells …

Sunday, I went to Oxford with the team for a visit to The Athletes Centre. They put us through our paces to see what we need to work on. Hip flexor, core strength and glutes are my priority. I managed to push 110kg through the use of a prowler, which I was pleased with. I also made an attempt to flip a tyre. It was no ordinary tyre, it was over 200kg. All the guys managed it … the females of the team did not, but we enjoyed trying!


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