Getting going again (with this blog and my fitness!)

It was never going to be easy

Upset, disappointed, frustrated. These are words which sum up my feelings when the expedition got postponed last year. We didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of sponsorship and therefore couldn’t get all the kit and equipment we needed to cross the Arctic Ocean.

I was ready, I had been training, dragging tyres to work, kettle bells at the weekend was routine. I felt strong. I knew my knots, knew my teammates and my medical training was at the fore of my mind.

Being postponed in December was like a kick in the stomach; I had a broken heart and a frustrated mind. I wanted to get onto the ice. It took me about 3 weeks to come to terms with it … perhaps silly, perhaps not. I had spent the whole year eating, breathing, living Ice warrior. To wait for another year was going to be hard.

8 months later I find myself about to start training again … The tyres, the kettle bells, the 1/2 marathons after 8 hours at work. It’s time! I have to say it’s taken me a bit of soul searching this year to see if THIS is what I want  and I’ve decided that YES it is and I need to start training again. The expedition is going in the right direction, we have a full team after a further recruitment campaign this year, Discovery have filmed a pilot TV programme on the expedition and sponsors are coming forward.

It’s not like I have been dormant since December, I cycle most days and just returned from a 400 mile cycle in Spain and France, I’ve ran (a bit) and I’ve been Nordic walking. It’s just that training six times a week seems so huge to me right now, plus, I know that my social life will disappear. No more vino tinto … well, maybe a little 🙂

I’m meeting with my trainer tomorrow – I am sure Steph will be mad at my lack of power, my poor glutes, my puffing when running up a hill but I had these issues before and I got through them. I had muscles in December; I was running half marathons after work in 1 hour 30 mins…..

I hope that when I get moving properly, muscle memory will kick in and my 6 times a week training won’t be soooooooo tiring as last time, but who knows.

Now … where did I put those tyres ….