Polar Puzzler, 2 December, The Dean Swift


To raise funds for the expedition I am arranging a polar puzzler aka pub quiz on Tuesday 2 December. The quiz will be held in The Dean Swift, SE1 and can accommodate 9 teams of 5 people.  The wonderful team at The Dean Swift are offering the winning prize.

Arctic Andy and I will be quiz masters and we will hopefully put on a good show. There will be a polar round ….  ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

We are also arranging a raffle with generous donations from The Stress Exchange, Bootcamp SE16, James O Jenkins and Ice Warrior to name a few.

Places are still available if you want to get involved.

Contact me for further information via lisa@ice-warrior.com


An Arctic Ask

Learning the ropes

For the past 9 months I’ve engrossed myself in expedition planning and fitness, navigation and camp craft, technical rope work, expedition medical training – Remote Emergency Care, Level 4 (oh yeah!!!) and expedition leadership and teamwork. I have two jobs; my day job, and my polar job!

I feel competent and ready for the ice; I feel that in an emergency I can deal with any (or most) situations in front of me. I trust my team mates.

I’ve 4 months to go before I hit the great Arctic Sea ice and have one final hurdle to conquer. Getting the funding! I have invested all of my savings (and some of HSBC’s) into this expedition, but I still need to secure funds for the logistics of getting me out to Ottawa, then onto Baffin Island and finally onto Resolute Bay. I need to secure funds for my qajaq (Inuit word for kayak) to keep me safe and to store my food, I need to do one last bout of training in Svalbard, and find some nice wolverine fur to keep me from frostbite.

This amounts to £14,000. I am in discussions with various corporates about sponsorship – we have two big companies on board at the moment, and I am making good links with the science world.

I am training 5 times a week to get my stick arms strong, I am running, I am pulling tyres, I am doing insanity workouts … which I hate. I am eating like a horse. I am doing everything in my power to ensure I am the best teammate I can be – a reliable, fit, conscientious, fun and dependable team mate.

I eat, breath and sleep polar.

If you can support me get to the start line, either by introductions to companies who might like to sponsor me, or donating through my crowdfunding site, I would be super appreciative AND you can say you helped with a world first expedition.

If you would like further information do get in touch. lisa@ice-warrior.com

Crowdfunding site: http://www.gofundme.com/polarpook

Twitter: @pookielondon

Thank you Nordic Walking UK

I’d like to say a big THANKS to Gill at Nordic Walking UK for her support with the last pole expedition. Nordic Walking UK and the very tasty Finn Crisps have donated me my very own carbon walking poles, hat, training top, book, tuition and a box of Finn crisps to gear me up for my Arctic trek. Walking with poles is great but walking with poles Nordic style is better!

The position of the poles emulates the same position of my ski poles and as such will help build upper arm strength ready to drag / pull my own body weight across the ice with my qajaq.

This weekend I will be Nordic walking to the Thames Barrier with my partner in crime, Arctic Andy. I’ll let you know how I get on and feel afterwards.

Check out the Nordic Walking UK site http://nordicwalking.co.uk