“No expedition is going to be easy”

Without further ado, I should tell you, my dear reader that the expedition has been postponed again. Money makes the world go round, money also pays for expeditions and unfortunately we still don’t have enough in the bank to get this expedition moving.

On the plus side we do have a full team this year, however, I suspect that given another year of fundraising, the numbers will fall and the ideal of 28 people decrease once more… or maybe I will be wrong.

Whilst I decide what to do going forward, I will keep working on my fitness, find a new job and figure out where my time is best spent. Should I invest more time in this expedition, or another? It would seem a shame to do all of the training and not utilise it!

Three years of postponement would make me scream. Maybe it’s because my expectation was too high for this trip? Some expeditions have taken 10+years to get all the funding; I just wish that I knew this before I signed up and worked so hard to get my money in. Anyway, I’ve been through this before and survived so I shall continue onwards, hopefully upwards!



First project of the season completed…

For the past week I’ve been out in Iceland helping with some trail work. Not quite the Arctic but it was pretty damn chilly…. Good times all round and I even found time for a bit of sledging 🙂

Thórsmörk Trail Volunteers

Our search for trails free from snow lead this season’s first volunteer team to Hjálpafoss in Þjorsadalur, where we have been working on Forest Service (Skógrækt ríkisins) trail projects in recent days. Our work included landscaping around the newly built trails at Hjálpafoss and general maintenance tasks there. This project was the first time that our teams have worked away from our home area around Þórsmörk, Goðaland and the Laugavegur, since our programme began three years ago.

We would like to thank the team for joining us, for braving the cold conditions, for their hard work… and for digging the car out of the snow so many times!

Now we are warmed up and ready for the summer!

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I’m trying to find the best way of describing the wind blowing on your face, cutting across your skin, 24 hour darkness, and my recent 8 days in Svalbard. It was tough, mentally challenging, boring at points, exhilarating at others…. While I deliberate on the words for my next blog post, here are some pics.

1) The start of Arctic Andy’s with ice beard (it got better)
2) Me on polar bear watch at 3am (I was so pleased not to be sleeping in a snow trench)
3) Ropes for storm proofing the tent
4) The cooker – I sat  in ‘the kitchen’ and melted snow for 3 hours watching the stars