Meet the team

Ordinary people are being trained for this expedition. Together we will become competent, safe modern-day explorers.

Each Ice-Warrior team member will be listed on this page with a brief bio and information on why they are getting involved.   Enjoy ….

Andy Madeley

After cycling London-Sydney for War Child I returned home to seek a new and more ambitious challenge. This is it.

Björn Erlingsson

I’m the expedition scientist with focus on sea ice composition and breakage of small and large scale ice floes for sea ice climate modelling.

Catherine Havard

So far in life I’ve sailed around the world, attempted the NW passage, climbed Mont Blanc and am aiming for the Pole of Inaccessibility in 2016.

Cat Mitchell

I will use all my physical and mental strength to play my part in reaching the pole, gathering data and sharing our findings with the world.

Catherine Toleman

This expedition is stimulating my inner geek, soothing my need for excitement and adventure but also enabling me to really make a difference.

Chloe Moss

I am a 23-year old PhD student from London. I am a keen runner and a bit of a science geek looking for a big adventure.

Curtis Knapton

When I’m not spending time with my family you’ll find me competing with myself in challenges of many forms, the next one is The Pole of Inaccessibility.

Dominic Odell

I crave adventures – anything that will test me physically or mentally. This is why I jumped at the chance to be on this expedition.

Em Linford

I’m a development guide and expedition leader, working with Ice Warrior since 2007. I’m looking forwards to indoctrinating the team on the ice.

Frazer Waller

I’m a freelance photographer from Buckinghamshire. When I met Jim and he told me about this opportunity I immediately wanted to be part of the expedition.

Garri Hughes

Born in Bangor, I’ve always loved the outdoors. I work as a teacher in Cardiff and hope my pupils will be proud of me for taking part.

Henrietta Moore

I am a writer, presenter and lover of all things that ignite self-discovery and further my spiritual practice.

Jeremy Schomberg

A passionate explorer of Oceans hot and cold, I was inspired by Jim and will be actively supporting the team as “UK Support” for the expedition.

Jim McNeill

Jim has clocked up 28 years of polar travelling and 35 years of expeditioning; thousands of miles mostly on nothing but skis and dragging his world behind him. Few, if any, have that breadth and depth of experience in extreme environments.

Joe Kenny

I’ve spent time in the Arctic serving in the Army. I’m looking forward to the expedition; being part of a team to share memories and experiences.

Joe Walshe

I am a physicist who likes keeping fit – I got hooked on triathlon this year. I’m excited to apply myself physically and mentally to the expedition.

Kayley Arthington

I recently returned from 2-years working in Tanzania; this next chapter of my life will take me to somewhere a lot colder and I am excited.

Kip Hansford

After climbing Kilimanjaro I got a passion for a new type of challenge.  When I saw the advert for this expedition I knew it was for me.

Kirsten Buglass

I’m really excited about this once in a lifetime adventure with a genuinely important purpose. I love being outdoors, seeing new places and trying new things.

Laura Neale

I’ve got horses and a dog and love being outside. I’ve always been fascinated with exploration and survival and can’t wait to get out there!

Lee Edgington

Originally from Mid Wales, I have worked and travelled abroad most of my life. I recently returned to Wales and graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Lisa Pook

This world first will allow us to set a benchmark for the state of the Arctic Ocean, something that I am proud to be part of.

Luke Angus

I joined for the challenge of surviving in such an inhospitable environment. However, since spending time with the team, my new driver is the global scientific importance of the Expedition.

Moira Bowen

Mother of two young girls, social worker and therapist, I am returning to the world of adventures after 12 years of nappies and school runs.

Peter Penny

A filmmaker, speaker and trekker. Having completed a marathon Mountain A Month for a year, (For charity) I looked for a new challenge, met Jim and signed up.

Phae Pritchard

A 5 day arctic challenge with Centrica’s Women’s Network in 2014 sparked the polar explorer in me. This Last Pole opportunity is just phenomenal.

Rachel Turner

A Sports Physiologist, specialising in altitude physiology and elite human performance. I am passionate about testing the boundaries of human endurance alongside the promotion of educative research.

Rhiannon Pritchard

Originally from Wales I moved to the Lake District to pursue my love of the outdoors. Ice warrior became a natural extension of this lifestyle.

Richard McGuinness

To experience the Arctic environment up close and to be involved in a unique and important scientific endeavour is a challenge I could not resist.

Robert Petternson

I’m looking forward to putting the unfathomable strands together so that a group of ordinary (if not a little eccentric) civilians can achieve a world first.

Sid Roche

I was so inspired at the thought that I could be one of the ordinary people in the Ice Warrior team, I had to apply!

Simon Morton

I’ve always loved adventure since my lecturer took me to Mt Toubkal, Morocco. Since, I’ve trekked the Everest Region, Australia and Indonesia but this will be my biggest yet.

Stuart Rancel

A tree surgeon by trade and has a keen interest in the outdoors from survival, bushcraft, shooting, wildlife, walking. This expedition ticks all ‘outdoor’ boxes.

Tim Davis

I work part time teaching English to foreign students. The rest of the time is spent making the most of the outdoors, cycling, swimming or climbing.

Tracey Moberly

Artist, Author & Activist. Artist in Residence for the expedition. Past exhibitions Tate Modern & Britain. An Avid Archiver and Author of ‘Text-Me-Up!’

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