Sponsorship Opportunities


We’ve lost 40% of Arctic sea ice in the last 40 years

We’ve more melt days, less freeze days

More open water absorbing the sun’s radiation

Heating the planet

THIS is YOUR opportunity to do something about it

To do something right now for our future

To positively contribute to our chances of survival

For over half a century we have known that the world’s

Extreme environments convey the health of the Earth

If we are to be real guardians of our planet

then we have to study and understand and watch these regions


YOU can help gather this knowledge

THIS is what YOU can do

You can  invest in our sponsorship programme

You can become an Ice Warrior Advocate

You can tell everyone about it.

Help me to get to the cold, so you don’t have to.



If you are a business we can put together a bespoke package commensurate with your investment

In 2006 we achieved the equivalent of £2.2 million worth of TV news coverage in just 17 days from the UK alone. It was then syndicated across the world – CNN, NBC, etc.

You will share the kudos and value of supporting such an endeavour across your Marketing, Human Resources and CS R departments.

We believe we can deliver a tremendous return on your investment.

Sponsorship opportunities range from taking your company flag to the top of the earth, to having a patch on my polar kit, a presentation to your staff, and even a visit to base camp in Resolute Bay. Get in touch for further information.

Email lisa@ice-warrior.com


One thought on “Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. Thank you to my sponsors so far – Andy Madeley, Lisa Bennett, Nathalie Bellanger, Hanna Ostling, Seema Rapersad, Nordic Walking UK, the wonderful Steph of Pro Impact Fitness, Alison Ingleby, Louise Clancy, Nicola Murphy-Evans, Hanna Ashley, Kevin Reid, Alex Nickson, Steph Joslin, Larissa Bulla, Kat Eames, Matthew Thomas, Rob Hall, Paul Robinson, Kat McKinlay, Simon Wyke, Tim Steer, Jeff Jacobs and Doug Simpson.

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