Supporters and media coverage

The quest to the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility is generating a lot of media interest and support from some high profile people.

My media includes:

TV interview with BBC Points West (September 2015)

Pod cast with Talking Walking (February 2015)

Southwark News (page 3, Thursday 6 November 2014)

London Climate Change Partnership blog (October 2014)

Blog post on I Live In SE16 (September 2014)

Pod cast and presentation at the Royal Museums Greenwich (October 2014)

BBC Somerset  radio interview (July 2014)

National Geographic (July 2014)

Team media includes:

Kip in the Bridport News 30 September, 2015

R Simon in the North East news 26 September, 2015

Rachel, Simon, Kip, Jim and Lisa on BBC Points West 28 September, 2015

Kayley in the Windsor Observer 18 September, 2015

Garri and Catherine in the North Wales news 13 September, 2015

Tim in Get West London 12 September, 2015

Michael in the Daily Record 11 September, 2015

Garri in the Yate and Sodbury news 7 September, 2015

The Independent July 2014

Sky News July 2014

The Times (page 37, Saturday 19 July 2014)

Cat in the  Manx Tails Nov 2014

Kip  in the Western Mercury November 2014

Robert in the Oxford Mail October 2014

Andy in the Shropshire Star and Shropshire Live

Our current supporters include:

Sir Ranulph Fiennes ”When Jim approached me with a brief note hinting of a ‘large ambitious but realistic’ polar project in the offing he left me with little idea as to what it was all about. But three things grabbed my immediate attention. ‘Polar’, ‘World Firsts’ and the fact that this was a British effort. During my first conversation with Jim, I was impressed by his quiet confidence and solid enthusiasm. Since then I have come to learn of the determination, dexterity, skills and knowledge of Jim and the crew behind the project and am delighted to be associated with them. Ice Warrior has all the potential of a truly great British First. Slightly mad and eccentric in conception, thorough and precise in planning and likely to prove ingenious and resolved in execution. I wish Jim and his team the very best of luck in their endeavours.”

Micheal Palin: “Learning to travel the hard way is not only the best way, but it’s also the most memorable. I greatly admire all of you for having a go – believe me you won’t forget the experience. Good luck.”

Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE: “To Jim and all the Ice Warrior Team.I know how hard training can be, but push on, you will find it is worth it

Zac Goldsmith MP: “Jim and his team are not only undertaking an extraordinary Great British endeavour in the true, traditional sense of the phrase, but they are doing it with genuine purpose. The data they’ll gather will deliver new evidence as to what is really happening and further our understanding of the sea-ice and its effect on climate change. I’m delighted to support them and wish them well. Best wishes and best of luck!”

Lord Robert Winston: “What Jim McNeill and his team are doing is pioneering of the most advanced kind. Just as Cancer Research UK is genuinely pioneering new ways to treat cancer; what he is planning pushes man beyond the boundaries and will take him to the most inaccessible places on Earth.”

Alexandra Shackleton: “My grandfather, Ernest Shackleton, is always identified with “White South”; yet in 1920 he was planning an expedition to a white north. He intended to seek out the Pole of Inaccessibility in the Beaufort Sea which Shackleton referred to as mare incognita and terra incognita. However problems with finances meant it was too late to go north in the season so he went south. He dies at the outset of that expedition. Nearly a century later, Jim McNeill of Ice Warrior is planning his third attempt on the Pole of Inaccessibility. The terrain is exceptionally hostile and dangerous; but I am confident that Jim and his team will be successful not only in reaching the elusive pole; but in conducting an environmentally vital transect of the Arctic Ocean; for as Ernest Shackleton Said “difficulties are just things to overcome”. (1907)

My personal favourite support is below:

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: “There are very few places on Earth that are truly unexplored: Jim McNeill and his Ice Warrior team are hoping to reduce that by one by walking to the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility. This is a groundbreaking expedition with people from all walks of life taking part, including a member of staff from City Hall. I am delighted that London is leading the way on this scientific and environmental odyssey. I wish Jim and his team all the very best.”


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